How can SARA help you?

Televisions work daily with the archive which has been constantly growing. The preparation of programmes requires lots of time and content quality. When editors require information from the archive they do not have a universal search engine that searches for a particular programme. Thanks to a robust and sophisticated platform, we are able to index a video archive and add new metadata which has not previously existed. SARA constantly gathers new and existing metadata and places them reliably into the whole structure. It enables faster access to previously inaccessible information.  

What Kind of MEtadata can SARA find?

  • Reading the texts in the video (subtitles of reports, movie subtitles, etc.)
  • Full text search from prompter, journalists notes and another material
  • Recognition of the faces (actors, moderators, guests etc.)
  • Collection of the useful data from another systems 
Thanks to the combination of the metadata mentioned above, you are able to maximize the grip and control the data stored in the video materials. With our software, you will discover the treasure hidden on your disks.