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video indexing via face recognition


Daily issues                                                SARA benefits

  • SARA uses a framework for metadata collection and a tag creation in order to interconnect scattered information (prompter texts, tags from archiver, etc.)  
  • SARA creates its own indexes from video via  face recognition and OCR. Also collects metadata from NLE, MAM,NewsRoom and communicates via rest API with the deep archive system.

  • SARA  rapidly searches for information which has never been manually tagged before. You can easily look for appearance of celebrities or politicians in your video material with exact tags on the timeline.                          

  • SARA uses a simple user friendly GUI with an integrated search engine.

  • Locating the correct information can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is due to inadequately indexed information.
  • Searching through archives can be very time consuming when making programmes due to a lack of unified platforms for gathering metadata from different systems.

  • The video producer does not know the exact context, the type of information a new user would like to find and he/she only tags that information which are subjectively considered to be important.

  • Valuable content in the archive is not effectively searchable and therefore, it is badly monetized.


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What are a typical use cases in the broadcast environment?

  • Donald Trump has become the American President and you would like to search for him in all the broadcasts in the archive.
  • You need to prepare a shot for the Breaking News after the unexpected event
  • In your illustrative video you need to show President Obama, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron together. It is necessary to broadcast the video as fast as possible. Software creates exact tags on the timeline and you can check occurrence of the people visually in very fast way.
  • You need to censor occurrence of some person in your broadcast. You can do it easily by putting his/her photo to the system.
  • You are preparing a promo for Ocean’s Eleven and you need to find the scenes featuring several movie stars – e.g. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, etc.
  • A new parliament is elected and you will need to gather information about a new, unknown politician who could have participated in previous debates, speeches etc.
  • Enabling the advance search service for OTT platform, HBB TV and online archive brings an increase of traffic and time spent on your platforms.

What is the main benefit of implementing SARA system?

  • TV editors can effortlessly locate information directly from the TV archive so it will improve speed and quality of their daily work.
  • Users and subscribers will watch more videos.
  • Your valuable content will be searchable by both internal and external users. 
  • New metadata about the video can dramatically improve your recommendation engine.

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